History and Culture

Bergthorshvoll is one of the best-known town in the Icelandic Sagas, each child in Iceland has heard about them Njáll from Bergthorsknoll and Gunnar of Hlíðarenda, not to mention their wives, Bergthora and Hallgerda Langbrók . The story of Njall is the longest sagas, and the best known . Its the only of the Iceland’s saga that happens in the South and the events described there happens around the turn of 1000. In Njals saga Njall and his family are introduced with the following words : Njall was a man . He was the son of Þorgeirs goblins, son of Ófeigur . Njáls mother was named Ásgerdr . She was the daughter of the Áskels hersis hins ómálga . She had come out to Iceland and lived east of Markarfljót between Öldusteins and Seljalandsmúla . Her son was Holt- Thore father of Thorleif crow. Is Forest defender is descended and Thorgrim the great and Þorgeirs skorargeirs . Njall dwelt on Bergþórshváli in Landeyjar . Another house he had in Thorolfsfell . Njall was wealthy in money and a handsome man. Once the part was on his advice that he grew no beard. He was a lawyer so great that no one was his equal , wise and foreseeing , smart and generous – and became alt council at that which he ruled men – gentle and humble , far seen  and memorable . He solved every man’s problems that came to see him . Bergþóra was his wife . She was Skarphéðinsdóttir , female noble and great fellow liberal and perchance. They had six children, three sons and three daughters … The Saga Centre in Hvolsvollur is specially dedicated to  Njáll remarkable story.